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Welcome! On this site, you will find information relevant to your CISSP studies.

To begin, you should click the Key Areas link on the left. This will take you to a summary of what ISC2 lists as the key cryptographic knowledge areas. Once you have identified your learning goals, you can use the remainder of this site as an aid in meeting those goals.

Following the links on the left, you can access related federal government publications. You can also access related slide sets that I've made for my cryptography class. You can also access related study and reference materials.

The next link will take you to sample quizzes and study questions. Answers for the study questions are in the slides. Though, you can also contact me if it would be helpful.

Another link will take you to information relating to this Fall's Cryptography Class at UH. For the first time this Fall, we will be offering security classes in a certificate format as well as a credit format.

Please contact me at if I can provide you with further information. Best of luck!

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